Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Video - iPlayMusic Beginner Guitar Lessons - Play Songs and Have Fun

Following this post we provide a series of 35 free video lessons sampled from our Beginner Guitar Lessons software, which includes over 4 hours of video, over 25 songs such as Yellow Submarine, I Shot the Sheriff, and Redemption song, and GarageBand projects, so you can create your own version of the songs. The video in this post describes our unique product designed specifically for beginner guitar players interested in mastering the basics and playing songs. Through these 35 free lesson samples, all formatted for full-screen playback, you will learn the basics such as how to hold, tune, and strum the guitar; how to construct chords and transition between them; and finally how to play two real songs through our Karaoke-style play- and sing-along method. There is no more effective and fun way to learn to play songs on guitar.

The video below demonstrates our interactive software products We also offer downloadable guitar song video lessons as well as fully-interactive DVDs. Our unique, fun and intuitive guitar lessons are great for all ages. We have tested our products with thousands of people of all ages to make sure our method works.

If you enjoy this demonstration, you will love our Macintosh software and interactive DVD products, which are fun, easy-to-use, and effective for learning guitar, playing songs, and creating music within the comfort of your own living room -- fun for all ages and a great gift idea for dad, mom, kids and friends!

Here's a demonstration video of our Macintosh software...

iPlayMusic Beginner Guitar Lessons

Please visit us at for your first lesson!...

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